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- A revolution in trial footpegs: a CNC machined main body made of nickel-chromium-

molybdenum steel with an aluminum pad made of Ergal 7075 T6 that can be replaced when worn


- The steel made main body ensures a very long life and a great strenght, thanks to the chosen material and the hardened surface treatment


- The Titanium-Tech footpegs are the even more extreme version of the Steel-Tech footpegs. The main body is made of Ti6Al4V titanium alloy machined from solid. A footpeg with no compromise: performance, resistance and lightness like never before on a trial bike.


- The pads, available in 2 versions, have wider surface and super slim front profile


- The Extreme pad offers an outstanding grip, thank to the very thin pawls, perfect for racing use where performance comes first of all


- The Trail pad has replaceable M4 grub screws, for good grip and long life. The grub screws are screwed down with the hex socket facing downwards: in this way the seat of the hex preserves its integrity during use, guaranteeing a grub screw replacement with no complications. An added benitfit of have the screws this way up is it reduces the wear on your boot soles without compromising any grip.


- The frame stop is adjustable thanks to the M5 screw and the shims provided. Doing so the inclination of the footpeg can always be corrected and modified on user choice


- The bushings supplied allow 2 mounting positions: standard height and step or 8 mm rearward and 5 mm lower


- Comes complete with springs


- In the PAD SET you find a pair of pads with fixing screws: this kit is made to replace the pads only or if you desire to try a pad different from the one you bought originally


- The REGENERATION SET is made to get back your footpegs to the top level. What’s inside: a pair of pads with fixing screws, attachment bushings, springs, frame stop screws and shim rings.


- Made of nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel or Ti6Al4V titanium alloy, aluminum alloy Ergal 7075 T6 and stainless steel AISI303


- Special order only- listed as in stock for ordering!!


- NOTE!! If you are going to fit CSP footpegs on a TRS with Ø 10 footpegs pivot, you need to buy the optional screw set code TK-1974-UN ! Without this special screws you will not be able to fit CSP footpegs on TRS with Ø 10 pivot!



_ Beta REV and EVO all models
_ Sherco ST all models until 2022
_ Vertigo COMBAT / VERTICAL and NITRO all models
_ GasGas TXT all models until 2022
_ TRS ONE all models with Ø8 pivot (Ø10 pivot with option part)
_ Scorpa SC all models until 2022
_ Montesa 315 and 4RT all models
_ Ossa TR all models
- JTG all models


- Special order only

CSP Titanium & Steel Tech Footrests

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