Full titanim rear silencer power up sleeve kit.

Like the factory bikes these are longer than standard and have a straight through baffle tube to improve the flow of exhaust gasses and give an overall improvement to the power and torque of the montesa 315.

A real must for one of the classic trials bikes that are still competitive today.

In the kit-

Titanium sleeve

Straight through baffle tube

Exhaust packing


The kit utilises your existing silencer end cap and bottom fitting that sits into the centre box. Simply remove the 4 rivets of your standard silencer and pull out each end, then fit into place in the new ti can.

You could send your unit to us and we could do the job for you.


To order simply click either DIY ti kit and build your own, or click H&D kit and send us your silencer and we will rebuild your ends into the ti kit for you.

Montesa 315 titanium power up silencer kit

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