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One of our best selling & hand machined in Yorkshire H&D products, are these billet aircraft grade alluminium rear brake pedals. Upgrade your Montesa from your standard brittle pedals to one of these. You will never have to keep buying  rear pedals again, these pedals are slightly shorter & sit just nicely behind the clutch casing and so the only exposed part is the spring loaded platform part which harmlessly bends out of the way when hit against an object. They are also especially handy for those who are using 'down & back' rear hangers that can make it hard for some to reach the standard pedal!


They come ready fitted with a new clevis pin , a new Japenese bearing and seals so you can just bolt the pedal straight on and do not have to strip your old one.

Will fit all models of 4rt 250, 260, Repsol ,300 & 301RR + 4_Ride + Cota 315.

(we can do you pretty much any one off colour by request such as this yellow and trans blue in the pic)

In the options you can now also choose the colour of the alluminium washer that holds on the pedal head pivot pin. So for instance you might want a red washer if standard or RR or you might want Orange for your repsol. Or mix it up with gold or blue, choose away!


Review from a customer "Mines done the ssdt 4 times. Guaranteed unbreakable."

H&D Billet Short Rear Brake Pedal

Colour: Silver Pedal
Out of Stock
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