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Mitani clutch pack for the 4rt.

Fits all models, 250 , 260, 300RR & 301RR


Lightwieght alluminium rather than steel disc plates. Only 344 Grams! (steel plate Mitani 577g)


"Hard surface treated aluminum plate used 4 dedicated frictions (2 pieces of paper, 2 pieces of cork) with durability against friction and high heat are used!

Adopting a hard surface treated aluminum plate that realizes significant weight reduction and super durability!


Due to the above changes, the durability has been greatly improved.

Even better, it will help you get rid of dissatisfactions such as the ability to cut better, difficulty in entering neutral, and difficulty starting the engine in 1st and 2nd gears.

For the half-clutch part, the newly adopted special paper friction (thick) x 2 has realized the half-clutch work that is easy to control! !


KIT contents:

Dedicated cork friction (thin) x 2

Dedicated cork friction (thick) x 2

Dedicated paper friction (thick) x 2

Hard surface treated aluminum plate x 5


Mitani clutch pack - alluminium discs

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