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S3 Montesa Cota 315R – Head Cover + Inserts




New kit Cylinder head + Inserts ready to assemble and enjoy new sensations!

Two different inserts:

RED: for 250c.c. cylinders (without modification)

BLACK: for cylinders modified to 180c.c. (diameter 76)


S3 cylinder heads lower the operating temperature of the thermal group and eliminate typical hot spots of the melting heads.

Racing finish. Anodized, laser S3 logo.

Make a difference inside and out with a super trick look.

Made of aluminium, and machined to give them a perfect weight and finish.

Discover all the possibilities of adapting your bike with the use of S3 cylinder heads.

*All STKA/STKB kits include cylinder head, cylinder head, and O-rings.

S3 Montesa 315 Billet Anodised Head kit

2-3 days
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