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Cracking little piece of kit by Mitani Japan.

Developed by GATTI (Tomoyuki Ogawa)!! GATTI TYPE/manual cam chain tensioner KIT adopts the same manual type as the works machine, which enables lightweight and high quality engine feeling.
The same performance was fed back.

*A titanium rod is used for the carved body, 35g is 40g lighter than the genuine 75g!
*Engine friction reduction startability UP!!
*Improved low and low rotation start with engine stall!Improved stickiness!!
*Lightly turning up the engine Feeling smooth It turns smoothly up to high rotation!!
*Starting on slippery roads Smooth and grip feeling UP!!
* Overall, you will get a high quality engine again!!

Why is it a genuine auto cam chain tensioner? Maintenance adjustment is unnecessary.
Therefore, it is heavy! The cam chain is stretched with a certain force (strong) (there is a lot of friction).

Timing chain tensioner

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